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Today is very strange.

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2 months 3 weeks ago #194 by ylq
Today is very strange. was created by ylq
Today is very strange. When I copied the composition, I found such a theme. The younger brother didn��t want to share his thoughts with you. I don��t know how to write a text. I usually eat a dozen points. I can��t help but read this topic. I wrote it, I didn��t want to see it, I skipped it, I didn��t force you to watch it. me first say that the first one, "casting a sword as a plow", has stood in front of the United Nations Headquarters for more than forty springs and autumns, but the bell of peace has not ringed the people who yearn for peace in the world. The war and death are still the time. Trapping with justice and justice, why is this is very simple humanity, eating in the bowl and looking at the pot, there is still wanting or not wanting, what not to give? Playing a war has just started the next one. 2. Some people say that war is like two sides of a coin. On the one hand, it promotes the development of science and technology Discount On Cartons Of Newport 100'S
	Discount On Cartons Of Newport 100'S , on the other hand, it hinders the progress of society. Do you agree with this view?'t agree with one. I promoted the development of science and technology. I agree. On the other hand, it hinders the progress of society. I don't agree with it. Because you look at the Qing Dynasty when you closed the country, it is an agricultural country that feels that it is Heaven has gone to the country but our society has only begun to develop slowly since it was hurt Marlboro Cigarette Diameter
	Marlboro Cigarette Diameter . So I am not agreeing with the social progress.How to understand the meaning of the phrase "we are against war, but we are not afraid of war"?k this is the meaning of people being hurt and then standing up and trying to make a try. Fourth, 4 Do you think there will be a permanent peace in the future world? How can we achieve true peace?n't think there will be permanent peace in the future world because people's greed is endless, but there is limit to human anger Marlboro Light Discount
	Marlboro Light Discount , and what the military does, what to defend the motherland to maintain peace. It��s better to have TMD nonsense. Actually, I think the army is used to kill people. If you don��t kill people, why should the army do it? It��s better to use the money for raising troops elsewhere. How can we achieve real peace? I really don��t know how to achieve it. Real peace does not know how the brain of this question is long. It may be that fairy tales have seen more. How do we humans evolve? The survival of the fittest uses its own power to breed and use its own strength to gain status Marlboro Cigarettes Online For Sale
	Marlboro Cigarettes Online For Sale . Is it not like us to use our own power to get food for thousands of years? There is competition in winning and losing Marboro Reds Cheap
	Marboro Reds Cheap . As long as the ethnic group is still developing and it is inevitable, this person is really stupid. Finally, I want to summarize it with a sentence in "War Theory". use of violence is unlimited. War is a violent act, so each side of the war makes the other party have to use violence like

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